Inventor of the NE555 Dies


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You have to love the elegance of the 555's design. 24 transistors (some used as diodes) and 15 resistors. Done in the day when mask artwork was done manually starting with pencil on paper.



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Could it be, that the 555 is the Shakespeare of electronics?

Every hobbiest, engineer, student of electronics has heard, read and become has intimately 'dissected' and familiarised themselves with it, just as any speaker or student of English uses, reads or explores the work of Shakespeare?

The 555 is a very important device indeed, something which should live on for decades or even centuries - and in this world of 'obsolete' components and machines in every three or four years, I'd say that is a pretty big achievement.


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Darn! Luvv already did the "astable" joke.:(

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