Invalid scooter control circuit.

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    Jul 20, 2011
    I am building a half-scale series 1 Land Rover model for the grand children, based on an old invalid scooter that I have been given. I noted carefully where the thinner wires to the variable resistor, on/off switch and forward/reverse SPDT switch went. My problem is that, being a complete idiot, I did not note carefully where the various heavy weight leads to the control solenoids went. Speed control is by a 5K Ohm Linear variable resistor. The electronic control is by an anonymous unit, Serial 2246/250, Model E 351, 12 v. D.C., 70 Amp. It feeds, via three solenoids to a Lucas Marine (Siba Electric) motor, type TM 3065 J, Rotation REV. Serial 3682.
    Can anyone out there help me with a circuit diagram, please? The only terminal that I am certain of is the main Positive feed from the battery. :mad: