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Julie Thomas

Joined Apr 24, 2012
Hello everybody,

I am new here. My name is Julie Thomas. I joined here because there are many things to learn from here and can gain experience and knowledge from different topics. So I hope all members will invite me to share opinion and interact with me.

Thanks and regards
Julie Thomas


Joined Mar 24, 2008
Welcome aboard Julie.

Your first post had what could be construed as spam, when is taken very seriously here. Because your second post did not contain the link I am giving you a chance. Spammers are banned for life for the 1st offense, no appeal. Because of the 1st link both of your posts were moderated. I unmoderated the one without the link and move it here.

Feel free to use the site, and interact. Just post no links to your businesses. You will find there are a lot of good features for folks around here, plus we are willing to teach from the ground up.