Introducing 12v into a 6v system on a motorcycle

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    Jun 28, 2012
    Hello all!
    New member here with a question and looking for some feedback. I have a motorcycle with a 6v system. I would like to put LED's in the turn signals but 6v LED's don't have enough resistance to trip the 6v/12v electronic flasher supposedly made for LED's that I am using. Also, 6v anything is harder and harder to find these days so I am thinking about adding a voltage converter for the turn signal circuit only. This way I can use standard 12v bulbs either incandescent or LED. Since the signals use the frame of the bike for ground there is no way to isolate it will get back to the battery.

    The relay is from here but it really doesn't tell you anything about the specs:

    Wiring diagram for the bike:

    I got the coverter here:

    I see they mention the use of a heat sink AND the max. is 15 watts. If I am using LED's the load would be far less and intermittent so would the need for a heat sink be totally unnecessary? Do you see a potential problem with this set up that I haven't considered? TIA.
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