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    Apr 25, 2008
    Its nice to see more open postings from Internationan
    members. It make you think more of history and beliefs.
    The history of some regions is very different in time.
    I think we hear from more students with U.S.knowledge
    and communication. Instant news has olders more up to
    date on U.S. Events have given the U.S. a greater knowledge
    of the ways of the world. The next step,what will happen when
    the laws become a factor,trade policies is slowly having treaty
    langage in fine print.The Swenish fiance minister says we need
    the I.M.F. Who understands what I.M.F. any takers, the federal
    reserve is made up of bankers independant of government. Like
    an appointed board by the president,but has rules to act alone.
    This stand for correction, what will global do to your life and
    money all members Involved. What about learning fee's,you
    say the degree don't count unless you pay for it.