Internal 3xAA Battery Options For Kid's LED Control Panel


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It would have been nicer to post the solution you have found, in stead of deleting your post.
That way others would also have the benefit of the solution.


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Sorry and you're right. Deleted that in haste...

Going to use something like this socket, this pack and an older Futaba Tx/Rxwall wart charger(similar version) I have which outputs 4.8v@70mA on the Rx lead for their trickle charger. If my kids leave it plugged in for a while, no problem. Wanted to set them up to be somewhat independent with having to charge their boxes which will be 5"x3"x1" project boxes with multiple LEDs and switches they can use for imaginary control panels or whatnot. My boys are 3 and 5 at the moment and used a small Lego night light as a power switch for some of their 'adventures'. :)