Interfacing TCM8230 camera

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    Dec 22, 2009
    I am designing a door camera . I needed to have a small camera with digital output so i decided to use TCM8230 and my dislpay is LCD 3.2 with SSD1289 display controller.
    No I have a lot of probelems for this application :

    1 - can I connect camera directly to LCD 3.2 inch to ?
    2- I use LPC 1313 as microcontroller for my job but i am not shure this one is proper for my job or not.
    3- is any RAM needed ? if yes AL422 is proper for it?
    4- is this camera uses in any mobile sell phone ? I heared nokia n70 front camera uses this one .

    I think The best way is that for showing the video I connect camera directly to LCD and for capturing picture I Interference with micro.
    my first goal is to show the video and then capturing the pic .

    Datasheet af camera :‎

    application note of camera :

    samlpe code with ARM:‎

    I want to write my progress here .