interfacing LCD and USB

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Iam implementing a circuit using a PIC 16C765 microcontroller.In this microcontroller there are three pins for USB PIN NO-18 VUSB PIN NO-23,24 is
D+ and D-.These are pins for USB....Please tell me....
1.Whether this PIC has internal USB controller or the PIC itself takes care of the data transfer and other functions of the USB controller.???

2.How to write a firmware for USB if the PIC supports USB...?????

3.How to interface a Nokia 3310 to the PIC....Whether i have connect a LCD driver/Controller before connecting to the PIC...or shal i directly connect the LCD to the PIC.....????

4.If i directly connect the LCD how to write the firmware....Just give me a general idea.....

5.Whether the vendors supply the firmware for USB and LCD....

6.Say i connected USB,LCD and other peripherals....How to make these devices work....?????Whether i can implement RTOS.....???????


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You are all over the place... :D

What you need to do first is to get the datasheet of that PIC from Microchip and have a good read. Most of your questions are addressed in there. Then, if you still have any problem you can come back and post specific questions.