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    My friends are trying to build a device. One end of this device will connect to a mobile (Nokia N73) through data cable port and other end will connect to a LAN. so the mobile gets the internet connection using the LAN (Ethernet). I just want know whether this is possible or not?

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    The short answer in probably not. The N73 doesn't "speak" Ethernet. So a cable alone would not do the trick.

    You want to surf the network with the phone?

    It may be easier to use bluetooth to connect to a LAN, as the N73 has no WLAN support.

    Now WLAN is for a wireless connection..It would depend on the software allowing you access to the data port to connect to another network.

    I know you can use these phones as modems, but Im not sure if you can connect, hardwired, to an active network.

    If it is possible, USB may be a easier route.

    You can connect through USB, then use a USB to ETHERNET Tcp/Ip driver to access networks.
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