Interfacing DS2482S-800 control chip with UBW32 dev. board

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Hey guys.
    Im having problems interfacing my control chip(DS2482S-800) with my UBW32 board using I2C (running PIC32MX460F512L)

    I have three functions in my D32.c file that are used for I2C parsing.
    -void parse_SI_packet() //send I2C
    -void parse_RI_packet() //receive I2C
    -void parse_CI_packet() // configure I2C

    and i have three functions in the I2C.c file(Thanks BMorse) :
    -void I2C_Init()
    -void I2C_Write_register(int mAddress, int mRegister, int mData)
    -int I2C_Read_register(int mI2CslaveAddress, int mRegister)

    the DS2482S-800 has an ID chip (DS2401) connected to one of its output ports. I need my UBW32 to talk to the control chip, read the ID chip tag number and print it on the terminal.
    -The ID is 8bytes long, but UBW32 reads 8bits at a time.
    -Usually the user writes a name that he is looking for in the terminal screen. That name is represented by that ID tag connected to the control chip. Somehow i need the control chip to know that the given name is associated with that ID tag.

    Any help will be very much appreciated
    Its for my 4th year project so Time is essential
    But thanks in advance ;)