Interfacing between different logic families

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Hi there,

I'm trying to do an assignment on interfacing between different logic families.

The question is:
"Review the performance of complex digital circuits by considering the effects of using different logic families for interfacing between technologies and analogue systems"

I've going in to depth talking about how CMOS is interfaced with TTL devices and vice versa, and how pull up resistors are used, the fan out of these devices etc. Its just the last part that's getting me how they interface with analogue systems.

Is this aiming at the use of DAC and ADC's or more at how the ics can interface with analogue components such as a lamp driver with the use of a transistor for a switch?

Any example of the ICs being interfaced with an "analogue system" will be much appreciated.

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If you obtain the data sheet for the analog input device - pressure sensor, accelerometer, whatever - the device will have an output that has complete specifications about it. Interfacing on a logic level is no more than following the timing diagram to insure you read good data. Some of these devices may have analog outputs that have to be converted by means of an A to D converter.

It is a very vague question, so the answers might be as well.