interfacing and controlling sensors

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Hi I have this project for microprocessor due soon and i would like to get some ideas how to get started and maybe some assembly program code will greatly appreciate
You are required to interface your light intensity sensor with an Intel Atom based embedded system. In addition to your customized sensor circuit, you will have access
to an Atom development board equipped with a parallel port. Connect the your sensor board to the parallel port, send commands to the sensor from the Atom board (running
Linux), and acquire data from the sensor. The data bus is​
4-­bit. Control signals include​

and Ack*. Your Atom controlled sensor interface should be able to
1. Allow a user application on Linux to issue commands to the PIC based sensor. List of
commands to be supported:
// User Commands
#define MSG_RESET 0x0 /* reset the sensor to initial state */
#define MSG_PING 0x1 /* check if the sensor is working properly */
#define MSG_GET 0x2 /* obtain the most recent ADC result */
2. Require the sensor device to respond to the user application (on Atom) with the following
//ADC Device Responses
#define MSG_ACK 0xE /* acknowledgement to the commands */
#define MSG_NOTHING 0xF /* reserved */
3. Display the 10--‐bit ADC result following the MSG_ACK command to arrive on the
Atom development board .​