Interfacing a Bluetooth module(BTM410/411) with PIC18F4550 microcontroller

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Hi All,
This is the first time i am working with bluetooth and don't knw how to start with. I have to interface BTM 410/411 bluetooth module with the PIC18F4550 microcontroller. How can i use the module to exchange data ? Is there a simple tutorial to explain about bluetooth communication ?


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Do you have a link to the datasheet for the Blutetooth module?

It should let you know in the datasheet what the protocol is, such as SPI.


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From the first pages of the datasheet, it uses the AT Command set, and UART for communication on the wires, so it behaves like an old fashioned modem, only faster and without a wire on the other side.

Your PIC has a UART module, the rest is software.

There is an entire wiki page on the AT command set, as well as UART to get you started so it is connected and you can talk to it.

We will help you through any bumps, but it's best if you understand the overall concept of what you are doing first.

If you know the UART concept from the wiki page, it will be easier when setting the registers in the PIC for baud rate, parity, stop bit(s), etc.

--ETA: Loaded the entire datasheet. It can communicate with virtually ANYTHING. It has UART, USB, I2C and SPI interfaces. Your PIC does as well, but cannot act as a USB Host, only a peripheral, so I'd suggest UART or SPI, SPI is capable of a higher data rate if that is something that is needed.
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I am working with Mplab ide and I want to interface bluetooth with PIC18.Can anyone tell the coding for interfacing bluetooth with PIC. Bluetooth module which I am using is HC-05.How to know the coding of header file so I can edit the code of the header file??