Interfacing 2 5-phase stepper motor drives with any Microcontroller

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I have 2 5-phase Stepper motors with drives, that's I need to do;

i) A microntroller should control 2 stepper motor drives to reach a certain position (input will be given by computer) so it will be interfaced with computer too.

ii) A sensor (maybe infrared) may be installed to give the feedback to microcontroller about position.

So now what microcontroller can be used and how to make this possible?

Thank you.

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Part Number of stepper motors and link for their data sheets would help.

Part Number of drivers and link for the data sheets would help.

Choice of your sensor(s) and confirming that you intend to use closed loop control would help.

What speeds do you need?
A Solar Tracking system can run fairly slow because it is easy to keep up with the sun.
Your use of a computer for input suggest a CNC machine which normally means that you will want to emphasize speed.

What software will you be using on the computer and how will it connect to the microcontroller? LinuxCNC using a parallel port is easy but a custom built application and custom PCI card might be tricky.

What is the more important goal? Higher Performance or Easier to Build?

Do you have any experience with any particular MCU's or programming languages?
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Feedback is rarely used in stepper motor apps, it is usual for the controller to issue the number of steps required to obtain the position (open loop). If the stepper stalls or does not reach its intended destination, it usually points to a design flaw of either mechanical or drive/P.S. inadequacy.

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Agreed. I wanted confirmation from the OP if they really expected to use the sensor and position feedback. It adds a level of complication that they might want to avoid when they seem to have a lot of learning curve to cover already.