Interface PC Parallel port Using 89C51

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I willing to Complete My Some Project Related To MicroController,At Now, Some Problems are facing ,I am going to mention my problems belowfind any body solve these problems,
1.I am willing to Interface PC Parallel port Using 89C51 using Assembly Language..
2.After Interfacing I can Read the data given by 89C51 through PC PArallel Port and should display it on MatLab or Labview Software,

This Is My Problem....................
Can Any Body Solve It?

Also Send me some websites related to 89C51 Tuttorial Based............


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I have taken the liberty to change your title to better reflect what you are trying to achieve. Also I would recommend against the following practice:

1) Identifying another member by name in an opening post, hence I have removed this from the OP.

2) Posting duplicate enquiries, hence I have removed your duplicate question in the other thread.

If you wish to bring a members attention to your problem, please contact them via private message.

If you wish to calrify anything further, please feel free to PM me. Thank you.