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Has anyone read and could recommend a book about designing radio transmitters, detailed through all the steps of oscillation, modulation, amplification, transmission, decoding, analog and digital. Something that really gets goes through the details please. Thank you.


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Have a look at this book:

1 Basic Communications Systems
2 Analog System Functions
3 A Refresher (for those who didn't get the Basic Electronics book, covers Ohm's Law, Decibels, Passive Devices, Diode Characteristics, Active Devices and Coupling)
4 Amplifiers and Oscillators
5 Modulation
6 Mixing and Heterodyning
7 Transmitters
8 Receiving, including Detection
9 Transmission Links
10 Analog IC's
11 Digital Signal Processing

I picked up a copy back when Radio Shack was still selling books. It's a pretty good book. You could do much worse ;)