Inter-avr Communication

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    May 13, 2013
    Hey guys :

    So i'm making a project where I need to drive about 100 Led's each with independant PWM control.

    I've made a program which allows software PWM for up to 16 Led's

    I've been thinking of using multiple AVR's to controll a larger number of leds.
    I'm going to have a master and say 6 slaves .

    The way I visualise this is that the master and all the slaves will sit on the same bus .The master will be sending out an adress packet which will adress a specific slave and then followed by a data packet which will be a 16 bit array (pwm values) in two 8 bit chunks .

    The slaves will not respond , they will just recieve data for processing .
    Which communication peripheral should I use ?

    I was thinking about using the ATTINY4313-PU but it only has
    USI and USART .
    Will it work with that?

    The master can be any avr since there is only going to be one master.

    Thanks in advance for the help
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    May 13, 2013
    So after an hour of discussion on AVR-freaks i've decided to go along with using Led drivers with PWM adjustment from TI:

    I will be daisy chaining them and Will need to communicate with One master AVR.
    Which communication protocol should I use?
    I read from the datasheets that there are:


    Which is going to be the fastest/easiest to learn/use with these drivers?