Intel bios beep Code

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Hello Dudes I it is very fun to play with electronic...!My name siva from india .Now it is time to go into the matter, I have using an IBM pantium3 Pc with intel Bios For a long day i haven't used this due to my situation Yesterday tried to power on the pc thank god it got to ran..But no monitor also the cpu sounded 1 beep, 3continuous beeps and Again 1beep totally 5beeps and i changed the Bios bettery also but no different any body know the meaning of the beeps If yes please help me thanks in advance....


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first hit googling "bios beep codes".... but to be fair these can vary... might be a good starting point though.
Oh, thanks you post codes, it's great help. My copmuter recently also has a problem. Sometimes it beep 1 long and 3short and the displayer doesn't work. So i open the mainframe box and wipe the dust, the displayer can work. But sometimes this issue happen again. So what can i do?


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WadeHard, Welcome.

But do not hijack others threads. Just open a new one when u need to ask something. Go through the rules first. It helps to read u know.

So about ur problem, tell me what kinda hardware u have.
The type of mother board ?
Type of RAM?
And does it have a separate VGA or onboard graphics controller ?

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Thanks for your support cheeze..But I have already searched with google but i was unable to found the exact Beep code thats why i am come here. my beep code was 1+3+1 this code also not available in the site which you was recommended for me .:confused:


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According to the Technical Specifications document for your mother board, a BIOS feature called Hyper boot is available in the BIOS. Is that enabled?

So you did update to the newer BIOS, you didn't mention that earlier. I've noticed in other threads in the forum that the standard POST single beep has been removed in the BIOS updates for other Intel mother boards. That may be the case with your board and BIOS. An ASUS mother board I have also does not have a single beep when POST completes, this may be a new trend, and it would be nice if it was documented.


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1 long beep is error, 3 more beeps means base memory failure. Once upon a time these were Standard across the industry.
Unplug the power cord sometimes works. Could be bad power could be heat could be a chip error.