Insulating wire

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I recently bought some bare nichrome wire and I would like to know how to insulate it so I can make a coil to place in front of a fan to heat the air.


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The usual way is to leave the wire bare and arrange it on ceramic insulators. In some lower temperature applications it can be sleeved with teflon or silicone tubing.


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I tried lots of materials, but only two worked: ceramic and mica. Mica is better, but more fragile to work with. For ceramic, I bought some small tile pieces at Lowe's and used a diamond point drill to penetrate them. Either way, you then face the problem of connecting the nichrome to the copper feed wires. I ended up using mechanical (e.g., nut and bolt) connections.

You can also wind a coil on a bolt, and then turn the coil off the bolt, and let air be your insulation. Just don't let the turns touch or your resistance will be lowered. Here's a good introduction.


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Get some chemists' glass strirring rods or tube, cut into suitable lengths.

Stick the rods into a blob of epoxy putty as a hub and create a star like the spokes of a wheel.

Wind the nichrome wire in a spiral fashion, over and under the rods, round and round like a spider web or basket weave fashion.

This will create a rigid, self supporting, heatproof structure you can use.