Instrumentation amplifier for high accuracy load cell

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I have to design an Instrumentation amplifier for a Load cell with a resolution of 0.1 gm and I am going to use a 24 bit ADC at the o/p end of IN amp. please tell me if its better to build an Instrumentation amplifier or buy one for this application and why.
If i can build then,
Is it better to divide the designing in two parts: difference amplifier( 2nd part) and buffer stage(1st part). But i do not know on which factors should i select the resistor values and the right opamp for each part and how to check the output of each part.
It would be helpfull if someone could give me a step by step process on where to start and what to know for designing an Instrumentation amplifier. I am trying the way of learning by doing. so, please help me
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