instrumentation amp(in-amp) book suggestion or help

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Hello fellows,
I've been studying the basics of op-amps for two weeks because i have an assignment that were given to me like 3 weeks ago. I need to use a particular instrumentation amplifier,which happens to be AD8429 .Even though I've read a lot about op-amps, instrumentation amplifiers are quite different than regular op-amp. I don't even know where to connect voltage source, feedback resistors and etc. so my wish is to find a useful(very basic) book on spesifically how to use them.

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Next time you try reading the data sheet for your device try reading straight thru to page 15 (or just start reading there) and you'll find lots of helpful, relevant information on the use and care of this exact device. It starts right off with the gain equation.

One might also try Wikipedia on these devices.

You say you were given the assignment 3 weeks ago, then spent two weeks reading the data sheet. That is only two weeks, what did you waste the other week doing?


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Analog Devices used to publish an instrumentation amplifier book (A designer's guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers). IAs are just buffered op amps with trimmed resistors. Don't spend a lot of time making a discrete IA because you will seldom get better than 8 bit accuracy.