Installing thermostat in thermoelectic cooler

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My project is this: installing a temperature-control in a thermoelectric cooler
in a 1987 VW Westy camper with 130W solar panel. At the moment, I am
looking purchasing this tempcontrol unit at:

to install in my Koolatron P75 thermoelectric cooler shown here:

Please note on the ANTX site--"Relay: 8A SPDT relay can drive motors,
compressors, fans, etc"

My Koolatron cooler is 4.5 amp DC.---would the 8 amp power source from
the tempcontrol be compatible with the 4.5 amp power draw?
I have very little expertise in electronics, so I need all the advice I can get. Is
there another thermostat that I should be looking at? BTW, Koolatron
provides the option of buying their coolers WITH thermostat, but at a price
that I cannot afford. Any mechanical advice on installation--installation of the
probe, etc.---would be appreciated.
I am a 77 year old retiree in northern Alberta Canada happy to have found
this site yesterday and hoping to learn a whole lot of new things.



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Ok...The controller can switch up to 8 amps. It does not supply any amps. I expect the amps will come from your solar collector.

I don't see any reason why this combination won't work, except I don't know the voltage rating of the solar cells. You wouldn't want the solar cells to hurt the cooler by trying to push 20 or 30 volts through it. Perhaps adding a 12 volt battery to smooth out the voltage might be required?

Please tell more about the solar cells.

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Thanks for your reply.
Sorry I should have stated that the PV was charging a battery
that in turn will power the thermostat. Q--the batteries power
the thermostat that power the cooler, right?
Also--I put the probe thru a hole that I drill and seal, and leave
the control unit outside the cooler right?