Installing Matlab Student on Suse Linux 10

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I have a query regarding the installation of Matlab on Suse Linux 10 (although I suspect my problem maybe related to installing Matlab on any Linux distro).

The version of Matlab I am using is Matlab 7 Student Version, which requires the CD to be in the CD drive so that Matlab can locate the license.

I have successfully installed Matlab Student onto Suse Linux 10, this I am sure of since I can view tutorials and documentation. However if I try to run Matlab from the Konsole Terminal with the directive: $Matlab/bin/matlab (where $Matlab is the Matlab installation directory, as per the instructions in the Matlab documentation), I get the following error:

Please insert the MATLAB Student Version CD and restart MATLAB

However, the CD is in the drive.

I have gone into the install_matlab.out file which contains details of the Matlab installation and how found that it claims the License manager scripts are missing. It suggests installing the license manager scripts by:

1) Reinstalling the item: FLEXlm


2) Downloading the matlab.common file and reinstalling

And this is the point I'm lost at, I don't know how to install the FLEXlm item from the CD-ROM.

If anyone is familiar with Linux (particularly Suse Linux 10) and Matlab I would appreciate any input on this matter. Alternatively, if anyone knows of a site that would be appropriate for my problem, please let me know - I can't see anything at the MathWorks website that would be of help.