Install auto on/off relay inside active speaker

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I wanted to reach out for some help to some seasoned DIY people.

I have several 5" Monoprice powered monitors (The amplifier is built into the spaeker cabinet.) paired up with apple airport express' for a makeshift multi room system. It works perfectly as each book shelf speaker is independently powered for each small room, but they are always on, even while not in use.

I have another pair of AudioEngine book shelves used as the primary audio solution for my living room and those automatically shut off when not in use, which is an amazing feature.
Is there anyway to install a signal sensing relay in these Monoprice monitors to automatically turn on when getting line level signal from the airport express and off when the signal stops? Does anyone make this part that I can solder to the electronics inside or can I make one myself? I would prefer installing something inside the cabinet (DC) as it would be easier and more aesthetically appealing. I am not looking for an inline plug that would plug into the wall first.

I have experience in basic wiring with access to soldering tools and I am more than happy to pop the cabinets open to install this circuitry myself or to give more detailed information about the hardware I am working with. It runs off of basic 110.
Any leads or recommendations in where to look or where to start would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your help in advance,