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If there are any technicians wanting to know all the tricks that I used as for my job title was " Not working again yet" Please let me know.
Failure Analysis Technician Specialist V
I been sent to Japan, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore and a few other USA cities. When the Engineers in Ann Arbor found that I do failure analysis as quick as I do. I ended up working for them when they moved to Boulder Colorado. There is a huge hint, my member name. The meter is the more promising device I have ever used. I have many stories to tell. So I am going to just tell one story here about Japan. While in Japan, Western Digital manufactures SCSI devices. The Japanese called them for they were discussed with how many failed devices there were and what I said about those devices. When I got home, Western Digital had a meeting with my bosses and myself. These guys thought I was opening the component and created the internal open that i was finding wrong with the component.
They asked myself, how did I determine that this is the issue with the components? My answer is that the DVM never lies!!!
End of story. Have many more. Write if interested in tricks for failure analysis if your a component level technician. My name is Robert and thanks for reading...

TC, Regards, Robert P
Most importantly, this method should be know by anyone that programs a piece of equipment known as "ICT" In circuit test.
I got to go home early a lot because of this little trick


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I myself is one of those failure analysis technician specialist thingy too u know..

I bet I am one step ahead of you. I just don't do analysis. I fix 'em too.

And guess what, you got to go to the countries, Here everything comes to me.