Inputting audio to television


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Depends the circuitry and volume control your television has.
For an analog volume control potentiometer, the 'high' side of the potentiometer audio path should be routed in series to an added cancelling jack.
When nothing is plugged to it, the normally closed contact in the jack restores the audio path to the 'high' side.
When an external audio source is plugged in the jack, it takes over and the normal internal audio is disconnected.
Digital volume controls are more complex; you need the schematic diagram (or at least identify which ICs are in circuit and check their data sheets) to find the point to tap and route it to the added cancelling jack.
As RCA cancelling jacks are not common, you have to do it with a 3.5mm and use an adapter for the cable terminated in RCA.
Stereo doubles the surgery.


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Read the instructions that came with the TV to find out what settings are required for it to output the sound from an auxillary input. Then make some sound with an MP3 player, a DVD player, or whatever. Use a cable with the correct ends on it to plug the new signal into the TV's audio input jack.

So...the "circuitry" would be a coaxial cable.


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Options will vary but often the easiest way is through the front panel input usually used for connecting video cameras. All I've ever had to do was select that input on the TV and use an RCA to 3.5mm pigtal adapter to feed in audio from an MP3 player, phone or CD player. The TV expects a video signal from the same set of inputs so you will probably see a black or blue 'video mute' screen.