input impedance overload

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    Mar 16, 2011
    Hello everyone,

    I am designing a overdrive pedal for my guitar to be used with my Peavey Valveking amplifier.

    My question is in regard to possibly damaging the amplifier or the effects loop by amplifying the guitar signal too much. The output voltage from an electric guitar ranged from .120 to .700 Volts whenever I tested it using my multimeter.

    Here are the specs of my amplifier:

    Preamp High Gain Input:
    Impedance: Very High-Z, 470 kΩ
    Preamp Low Gain Input:
    (-10 dB Pad)
    Impedance: High-Z, 68 kΩ
    Effects Send:
    Low Impedance: High-Z, 22 kΩ or greater
    Nominal Output Level: 0 dBV, 1.0 V(rms)
    Effects Return:
    Impedance: Very High-Z, 1 MΩ
    Designed Input Level: 0 dBV, 1.0 V(rms)

    do i need to be worried about damaging vacuum tubes or op-amps/(diodes) if I step the voltage up to the 1V - 20V range?
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    Mar 16, 2011
    nevermind, this will not be a concern.