Initializing signal with 125Khz.

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I have small problem with generating sine wave initially with 125 kHz. This seems very simple but it took lot of time from me but i couldn't figure it out what is the problem. I am using CodeVisionAVR compiler.

I want to Initialize waveform generator 125 kHz when i run the code. even when power off/on also it should be 125KHz. if user wants to change frequency from 125 to any other he has to use "WGF" function.
For that purpose I have called " SetWGFreq" function in the main program before entering into the while loop.

I don't know why it was not working.

But when place this function in while loop it is working(intially signal is generating with 125KHz) but "WGF" is not working. it means after that if i want change frequency of the signal using "WGF" function, it was not working.

Please help me with this, i couldn't figure out what was the mistake i am doing.
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