Initializing an asynchronous input signal on D flip-flops

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    Feb 14, 2009
    1) Use an asynchronous input signal called INIT to initialize the
    flip-flops to the initial state (assume initial state is A).

    Does this mean to tie the Set/Preset together and simply call it INIT?
    What does the "assume initial state is A" mean?

    2) Suppose you want to initialize three D flip-flops Q3 Q2 Q1 to an initial state 011, using an asynchronous input signal INIT. (That is, when INIT = 1, initialize the flip-flops to 011.) Show how to hook up the INIT signal to achieve this using minimal hardware (draw the flip-flops, INIT signal, etc.).

    Does this mean the same thing:
    i.e., tie the Set/Preset together and add an inverter to Q3?

    Thanks in advance!