Infrared Sensors

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I'm planning to get some infrared sensors to detect colors and fire.

I want to confirm first if this is how infrared color detection works: you have an infrared emitter and infrared detector. Different colors absorb different amount of infrared so you will get specific detection values?

Also I'm not sure exactly what to get. Sparkfun sells emitters and detectors at specific wavelengths, this pair at 950nm,

How would this fair?

Also I've read about people using infrared sharp range sensors. I've read about people using Infrared sharp range sensors for fire and color detection, how does that work?


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I guess IR out put has a filter circuit to filter out unwanted frequencies.

As in fire has a specific heat signature and so does different colors.

I presume this signature detection is pretty complicated.

It will better to get a fire detector and use it's circuit as an input device to ur project.