infrared linear actuator project

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    Mar 2, 2013
    i don't know if you could help me but here it goes. I am trying to get a linear actuator controlled by an infrared transmitter & receiver like shown in this clip: . The infrared transmitter will emit a modulated signal to the infrared transmitter which be connected to the linear actuator as well as a microprocessor (preferably the basic stamp) & that will command the actuator to do a certain action (in this case, it's just simply descending & ascending). Another clip here shows an actuator controlled using arduino I believe: . But the biggest problem for me is setting up the circuits for the infrared transmitter & receiver, since I'm not exactly sure of which components to incorporate...this circuit right here shows what components to use but I don't know how to set it up on a solderless breadboard: . Anyone got any tips on how this can work?
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    The circuit looks like it can work, though you will probably get some interference from some light sources, particularly those with older electronic ballasts that run near 40 kHz, and of course bright sunlight could saturate the receiver, but if you can accept those limitations, it very close to what you seem to want.

    Note that this circuit triggers a timer (NE555) that acuates the relay for a preset period of time. In your case, you will probably want to omit tje NE555 and everything to the right of it, then connect the output of the 555 to the input of your basic stamp, and run the whole thing from +5 volts instead of +9V.

    As far as actually building the circuit on a solderless breadboard, try the link below.

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    Do you already have the BASIC Stamp? If not, I'd suggest using a PICAXE instead.

    You can get a complete starter kit for PICAXE for half the cost of a stamp. IR send/receive is a built in command. Control of an external relay for an actuator is fairly straightforward.

    There are a few applications where people new to electronics have built solutions with the PICAXE:


    Target Actuator

    That may give you an idea of the complexity of code and hardware, which isn't complicated for your application.

    Starter Kit

    IR Receiver for 38kHz (rather than an IR Diode) you can get at Radio Shack, eBay, or elsewhere online, works with Sony remote control protocol.

    Actuator - any type, post a link to what you have.