Infrared lighting outdoors

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    Feb 22, 2011
    Long story short, I'm setting up surveillance cameras around my house for legal reasons. Theyre pretty good, but the range at night from the "night vision" is about 5 meters :/ I plan on building infrared lighting and setting it up in the lawn and on the house to add a little distance. I just have a few questions before I get started

    1. If I choose to go the LED path, would a voltage regulator suffice in regards to protecting the LEDs for long term use?

    2. Any other infrared sources that you would recommend that are more reliable?

    3. Has anyone had success with a particular light sensitive switch (to turn on at night) that they recommend?

    4. I dont want to have the lights plugged into a socket on the garage, I'd rather do a clean wire setup so its more out of sight and discreet. I'll most likely get an electrician so I dont kill myself, unless there's an easy way of tapping into the household wiring that anyone knows of