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    Oct 21, 2010
    Hello!! Well, Im going to try to keep it simple so just bear with me.

    I have been meaning to design a robot. I haven't exactly gotten down to the specific details of the project but I know I want to keep it simple. So I decided to built sensor circuits separately to see how they perform. Ive already done a light dependent circuit and have moved on to the INFRARED detection circuits.

    Basically I want to design a circuit that gets triggered by an infrared receiver. The receiver activates the astable configured 555 chip to flash an led at a certain duty cycle. The 555 timer circuit should stay triggered till the time the INFRARED receiver gets an INFRARED reading. Once the reciever stops getting a signal, the 555 circuit should get disabled.

    This whole circuit is analogus to a proximity detector but I want to implement in the above mentioned way. I have already made the 555 timer circuit as it was quite easy to set up. Now I want to add to it, the infrared circuit. Please guide me to a resource that maybe I can read up on or present your own input. Attached is the schematic for the 555 timer.

    Also, I have a feeling i might need a BJT between the IR circuit and the 555 circuit
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