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    Jun 27, 2008
    following on from my earlir post on a tv agc.the next logical step would be to tap my agc into the scart lead,im a bit reluctant to risk my tv or digibox at the moment by doing this.
    however there are a few occasions when i need to alter the volume manually,ive looked at many devices and circuits to provide remote volume control, ideally using my sky remote,
    these are either hugely expensive or use a processor which is way beyond my capabilities.
    im thinking of building a cheap and cheerful two channel infra red control,
    with a remote sending two frequencies (1 for up 1 for down). the reciever then somehow filtering those frequencies to direct the two signals to forward and reverse a pot motor.the transmitter is pretty straightforward, but i havent a clue on the reciever,so any suggestions on this most welcome.
    i have the output codes for my sky remote which i would prefer to use,-
    up 001 0010 and down 001 0011 if anyone knows how i could build a reciever based on these codes that a beano reader would understand i would love to know.
    many thanks