INFO: A low-voltage, bulk-driven MOSFET current mirror for CMOStechnology

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    May 22, 2007
    A bulk-driven, MOSFET current mirror is described which is capable of operating at power supplies down to 1 V using standard CMOS technologies with threshold voltages in the range of }0.8 V. The bulk-driven MOSFET configuration removes the requirement that the input voltage of the current mirror equal VGS>VT. At VDD/VSS of+0.75 V/-0.75 V, measurements on simple current mirrors using this new technique require only about 0.1 V across the input device of the current mirror circuit and exhibit saturation voltages on the output device of the current mirror comparable to that of standard simple current mirrors. The operation and first-order models for the bulk-driven MOSFET are presented in this paper along with the operation and experimental results of a simple, bulk-driven mirror

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    And we care about this why? Where is the link to the source? Are you posting just to raise your post count? What?
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    Cannot compute.
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