Inexpensive analog Hall effect rotary sensors?

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I need something like a Honeywell 5v analog Hall effect 90 degree rotary sensor. However, the least expensive I've found are the Honeywell ones, which I haven't found for any less than $32 USD.

I have used items that cost less than that which have at least two rotary Hall effect sensors in them, though I don't know they exist as standalone components like the Honeywell or not.

The application I have would use the sensor as a more durable drop-in replacement for a 90 degree throw potentiometer. I don't know how to do that with a Hall effect sensor IC and a magnet epoxied to a shaft, but if someone can show me that it is easy, please do. Note that the output has to be linear with the angle.
(mx+b "linear up to a constant" is fine, it doesn't have to be strictly mx linear.)

Thanks in advance for any help.