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    Jan 17, 2011
    In an ac circuit, with a single or multiple inductors what formulas are used to find the ohms, and the easiest was to put into a ti 83 calculator.
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    Nov 25, 2009
    In an AC circuit, inductors and capacitors are treated as complex impedances. That is, resistances that have a complex (rather than real) values.
    An inductor has an impedance of X=jL\omega and a capacitor X=\frac{1}{j\omega C}, where L is the inductance, C the capacitance, ω the circular frequency of the voltage across the component and j is the complex unit.

    In a DC circuit on stable operation (that has run as is for a long time), any inductor is replaced with a short circuit and any capacitor with an open circuit.

    To study transients in a DC circuit you will need some knowledge on differential analysis and RC-RL-RLC circuits.
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    If you have a single frequency, it is much easier to convert inductors and capacitors to their impedance at that frequency and work from there.

    For dynamic analysis/frequency sweep, PSPICE simulation is the way to go.