Inductively oupled power transfer/ magnetic power coupling - power supply

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    May 4, 2007
    hey all

    i wish to create a power supply that uses a TxN line (which carries abt 1kA) that is coupled with a steel clamp, where the steel clamp serves as the secondary side of a transformer and the TxN line as the primary. my aim is to induce a current in the secondary clamp of about 12 V @5A (60W) to power small servo motors in a robot. i have already designed the protection and rectification circuitry reqd. i was just wandering if it were possible to induce these kinds of currents onto the clamp (secondary) from the TxN line (primary) in order to power the motors?? seeing as tho there is a 15mm space between the TxN line and the clamp?? and any other hints etc are welcome!! :D
    i have attrached a simple drawing of what i am trying to say

    thank you in advance