Induction Kit

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I got this kit years ago and could never figure it out:

2 stands with springs and magnets (the magnets hang from the springs, which hang from the stands).
2 large hollow coils.
2 alligator clips.
No instructions whatsoever.

I assume the magnets hang from the springs, which hang from the stands. The magnets are to be at neutral within each coil. The alligator clips are to complete a circuit between the coils.

I assume one magnet should be made to bounce up and down from the spring, which should induce a slowly alternating current within the corresponding coil, which will induce a slowly alternating magnetic field within the second coil, which should cause the second magnet to bounce up and down.

This never happened :(

I assume the induced current or magnetic field is too low?
Or is my physics way off?


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Hmmmm, presumably you would just connect the crocodile clips to the petruding conductors of a coil and measure the induced voltage output by means of a multimeter.

As a guess for the other coil, magnet, spring and stand I would imagine they were just "thrown in."