induction generator model internal faults

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    Jul 31, 2009
    I am working with a induction generator model, to simulate stator and rotor faults those results in variation of internal parameters (rotor and stator Inductances and resistances), my objetive is to detect faults before machine stops working, but as I am doing a Multidisciplinar course, professor ask to relate this results with economical benefits (he wants $ amounts).
    I think that my work could improve lifetime of machine and maybe quality of signals generated (becuase if faults is detected and solved quikly, poor signals will be provided for less time), but I don't know how to relate this with some economical value, for example: how much money is loosed in maintenance or something like that.
    In the other hand, I found a lot of information about induction motor but I couldn't find generator information, I read that generally faults are the same, is that true??
    If someone knows something about it please help me
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    Mar 6, 2009
    Hello Alioshak,

    It's not really clear what you are looking for.

    I previously found this (now rather old - 2003) literature survey - but it may be of use as a starting point.

    This does look rather more like homework than a general electronics chat topic.