Induced e.m.f in a coil

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1)A rectangular frame ABCD made of a uniform metal wire has a straight connection between E & F made of the same wire as shown in figure. AEFD is a square of side I meter and EB=FC=0.5 meter. The entire circuit is placed in a steadily increasing uniform magnetic field directed into the plane of the paper and normal to it. The rate of change of magnetic field is 1 Tesla/sec. The resistance per unit length of the wire is 1 ohm/meter. Find the magnitude and direction of the currents in the segments AE,BE & EF.

My question is will an e.m.f be induced in a stationary coil just by placing it in a steadily increasing uniform magnetic field? They have solved it using this concept. Is it possible?



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Aswer to your question is "you betcha!" Happens in transformers all the time. From the point of view of the conductor, the field is moving. The field is increasing either because the permanant magnet generating it is getting closer, or because current through the electromagnet generating it is increasing. Similar situation will occur with a steadily decreasing magnetic field.