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Check out this table from It shows the hits on this site by country.

Country Name Views(Percentage %) Page Views

India 25.30% 383,146
United States of America 15.60% 236,248
China 6.80% 102,980
Bangladesh 5.20% 78,749
Pakistan 4.70% 71,177
Iran 3.40% 51,490
Canada 3.30% 49,976
United Kingdom 2.90% 43,918
Australia 2.50% 37,860
Philippines 2.30% 34,831
Sudan 1.70% 25,745
Indonesia 1.40% 21,202
Belgium 0.80% 12,115
Egypt 0.80% 12,115
South Africa 0.80% 12,115
Brazil 0.80% 12,115
United Arab Emirates 0.80% 12,115
Mexico 0.70% 10,601
Malaysia 0.70% 10,601
Romania 0.60% 9,086
Germany 0.50% 7,572
Turkey 0.50% 7,572
Poland 0.50% 7,572
Sri Lanka 0.40% 6,058
Hong Kong 0.40% 6,058
Portugal, Portuguese Republic 0.30% 4,543
Saudi Arabia 0.30% 4,543
Other Countries 15.90% 240,791

As you can see, India accounts for the vast majority of hits on this site. That's a given, since India is the world's second most populous country right? No. Only 6.9% (81,000,000 people) of Indians have internet access. 77% of Americans have internet access. The combined total population of California, Texas, New York, and Florida is 100,578,929 - at 77%, that's 77,445,775 people on the internet, almost the same as India.

So, why does India, with the internet power of 4 states, account for more website traffic than all of north America, plus china (the world's most populous country, with 420,000,000 people browsing, 5X as many as India)?

Think it might be connected with this?:

Free college lectures on every subject.

Or, I was thinking that in an environment where internet usage is more common only on a college campus or public computers rather than in homes, the percentage of people online with a purpose would far outweigh the percentage of people online checking their facebook accounts. Maybe that's why all of India seem to be flocking to AAC. As for China, they probably have their own AAC in Chinese & that's why we don't see too much of them.

Please, what are your interpretations of the data?

internet usage statistics by country are from


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There a China site maybe Happyannl will see this post and put the name up.
I don't If we could use It ,I had the name I will try to find It. I found the
name of the china search engine (bauda). baidu
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Negative Ampere Double-limited Process Controller

Operate Voltage: 48V (dont know)
Maximal current :17A (dont know)
brake level : low

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U missed Maldives....why am I not surprised..
I didn't miss maldives. The website only lists countries >0.3%. Considering you represent all of the maldives here, you would be lumped into "other countries" - a tight second place.

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Here's part 2 of the question:
Has anyone else noticed that there is often a rash of identical, or very similar questions coming in from India? I can recall a handfull of times when someone with zero posts will come here, ask for a circuit, and then droves of other people with zero posts will ask the same question, and/or post on the original question, saying that they are working on the same project and need the same help. Is the education state-run in India? Are they all on the same education track across the whole country?