Impulse Response / Frequency response

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    Oct 29, 2012
    I have a major question . Please take a look.

    i have this de :


    And i have to find IR and FR

    We can "translate" the given de into:

    Y(Ω)*(jΩ)^2 + Y(Ω)*5*(jΩ) + 4*Y(Ω)= jΩ*X(Ω)+2*X(Ω)

    So i am reaching a point where H(Ω) = Y(Ω)/X(Ω) =

    = (jΩ +2)/[(jΩ)^2 +5jΩ + 4] .

    The my main problem is that i dont know how to continue from this point, because in the numerator is that jΩ, otherwise i have my standard methodology to solve it.

    So what am i supposed to do for this point ?