Improving receiver sensitivity – no external antenna

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Hello All,

I hope this question isn’t off-topic or inappropriate.

I have a simple key-fob transmitter (433 Mhz) and matching receiver. The receiver is in a sealed/molded plastic case and does not have an external antenna or antenna connector. I would like to increase the receiver’s sensitivity, hopefully without having to break open the plastic case.

I remember from the ’60 a guy who was selling a product called Magna-Wave that made AM (maybe also FM) radio reception possible in difficult areas like the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Mojave desert. The product didn’t require any connection to the radio, they just needed to be in close proximity to one another. If I were to cut up a few half wave lengths of wire and place them in contact with my receiver's plastic case would that make any improvement in reception sensitivity? Or should I just bite the bullet and break open the case and try to physically attach an external antenna?

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