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    Question 1

    Is there a web site that allows one to select a state and it will plot the location of all the importing/exporting places for that state? (sort of like skicentral is to skiing for an analogy)

    So one can look up every possible import/export drop off point.
    (obviously you cann't count the import/export places that are direct in alot of companies but the major bulk importing/exporting places in a given state and weather they support importing by plane/boat/or other vehicles.

    Question 2
    Add to question 1 the ability to find out more data on the drop off/ pickup import/export places... like number of docks , amount of storage total space availabe / (or currently available ) , companies that are able to drop off/pickup products from there daily updates ,...etc

    As well as route for each companies products and the time taken to complete the drop off.
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    No not really.. Why would you want this though?
    There are really only a few companies that do this anyways and depending on your location that list can be narrowed down even further
    You've posted a few of these questions today.. Did you just start a new company?
    Sounds like you need a "logistics manager" based on this question and a "purchasing" person based on the manufacturing one..