Import Allegro files with extension ".art" and "CAMtastic NC Drill" files to Altium

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I am trying to import some Gerber files for a daughter card that includes gate drivers etc to Altium for use within my PCB. I have downloaded the Gerber files, and the files include a lot of ".art" files and something called CAMtastic files.

I have tried to use the CAMtastic import wizard in Altium but it does not work. The .art file when viewd in text is this:
G04 ================== begin FILE IDENTIFICATION RECORD ==================*
G04 Layout Name: 08_044137a.brd*
G04 File Format: Gerber RS274X*
G04 File Origin: Cadence Allegro 17.2-S045*
G04 Origin Date: Thu Jun 06 14:47:42 2019*
G04 *

Which shows it is a CAdence Allegro file. However when I try and use the import wizard it cannot identify in files in the directory therefore I cannot import them.

Does anyone know how to important .art files? Do I import them AND the CAMtastic files together?