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I have an involunteerly implanted microchip (I didn't know it!) and I want it out. What shall I do to take it out or desable it?


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I suggest putting on your aluminum helmut[sic] and contacting a fly-by-night underground sturgeon[sic] to hack it out with a meat clever. After that I would stay away from people with sharp instruments.:D


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Not as crazy as one might think. I'd read somewhere years ago about military considering implanting service members with microchips. Something about positively establishing identification and whatnot.

As far as removal, a surgeon would be required. However, I can't help but wonder if something like a CAT scan could destroy interconnecting wiring; but that would only be if a substrate were bonded to an IC carrier type of thing.

Other than that, I'm clueless.


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SgtWookie, are you by any chance thinking of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) that tweaks the body molecules with very strong magnetic pulses, rather than a CAT scan, which is X-ray based? As I recall, the technicians and multiple questionnaires make absolutely sure that you don't have any metal in or on your body before an MRI

What country are you from? They tell us that, North Koreans and Iranians use these implanted chips to keep track of those personnel who are employed in programme of secrecy like Nuke research etc.

You buy yourself a low cost Farday suit or else build one yourself out of wiremesh and wear it atop inner-garments to prevent the chip from communicating to outside world. One you do this, you outwit those who implanted you, as good as not having any chip in your body.


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I think the traditional solution is to wear a tinfoil hat. It stops the CIA reading your brainwaves, (and chipwaves). ;)


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Take a trip to England and I can perform the operation for a small fee.

EULA: By letting me operate on you, you waive all rights to retention body parts and hold yourself entirely responsible for any loss of health or life.