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Well this is my first time on a sight like this, so all please have patience. Here is my question.

Find the impedence in a series RL circuit with R=50 ohms and L=470 microHenries at a frequency of 10kHz. If some one figures this out would you please put it in terms I can understand.

I just started this class and I am having a very hard time. Fresh out of high school 32 yrs ago. I am now in college for the first time.


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In a series RL circuit you can add the impedances of the components. The impedance of a resistor is just its resistance and it is not frequency dependent. Ahhh but the impedance of an inductor depends on the frequency. It is
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where j is the imaginary unit aka sqrt(-1)
w is 2*pi*frequency
L is the inductance in henries
The result will be a complex number = R + j*2*pi*f*L
From this complex number you can calculate the magnitude using the pythagorean theorem and you can compute the angle as the

c'est facile! n'est pas?