impedance matching

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I have a 300 watt RF amplifier .accourding my the RF amplifier's rating , it's input impedance matching is 50 ohms. And the power rating of RF transmitter circuit connected to the input of my amplifier should be 4 watts to get a 300 watt output.
Now, my aim is to design a 300 watt polarised RF transmitter.
I have planned to design a 4 watt colpitts circuit with definite freequency. but i have no idea of impedence matching with my RF amplifier.
I can't understand the term input impedence matching( 50 ohms for my transmitter).
give me idea to design the 4 watt ossilator circuit with impedence match with my RF amplifier.(please don't bother about the freequency, my design is not for communication purpose and hence no modulation is necesary).

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Transmitting 300 watts of RF without a licence will probably land you in jail and get all your gear confiscated. At least it will give you plenty of time to study RF theory.