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Hello everyone,

I am a student working on power electronics. I worked on a simulation project. My supervisor thinks that my work is publishable in an IEEE transaction journal.

I have prepared the draft. But, the problems is with the images added to the paper. I used MATLAB for simulation. In an image, I have 6 MATLAB figure tiled together. I copied the images to powerpoint to form the tiled image. But, the problem is when I use the image in the paper the lines in the image are not clear enough. I changed the format of the figure and used .tif format to enhance the resolution. But that increased the size of my paper to a large extent (around 20MB) because I have 5 such images.

Please suggest me something to overcome the problem.

-saima nujhat


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I can't give you detailed directions, but the basic problem you are having is that you are using bitmapped images and copying and pasting them from here to there. What you want is to start out from Matlab and get your images exported in a vector format. I believe PostScript is the preferred one. Then you want to import those into your final document. I'm not saying it is easy. I've tried it a couple of times and ran into some frustration and just took the simple way out and did it the way you have been doing it, which was good enough at the time.

Also, and you may not be interested in doing this, but Latex is the document publishing language of choice. There is a learning curve, but there are a lot of tools out there to get up and going quickly (in an hour or two) and most journals and conferences provide Latex format files that will ensure that your submission meets their requirements (as long as you abide by it).


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Open the BMP image in IrfanView and Resample it to an acceptable Pixel Resolution where the Lines are clear enough. You can also try changing the Colour Depth.

IrfanView is Freeware.



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Don't use Powerpoint to edit your pictures. Use an image editing program such as Photohouse, Photoshop etc. Save the images in png format.